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GAIA prides itself on facilitating easy and effective communication and collaboration with our partners worldwide. Due to our Sales and Service hubs, orders and enquiries are dealt with and executed rapidly regardless of time zones and distances. With the addition of our new download center, FAQ and technical support section on our website then many queries can be resolved in a matter of minutes. A large part of our long history of customer satisfaction can be attributed to our fast response time and willingness to work with our customers and partners.

GAIA fully understands that "Fast Delivery" is absolutely necessary for today's rapidly changing PC market, thus we assure your shipment will be finished within one week upon the receipt of your confirmed order. With the global warehouse centers of GAIA established in HK, China & Taiwan. We can provide much faster delivery and better services for our customers worldwide. Certainly, the most important condition all customers concern is always the good RMA service, which is also the best strength of GAIA. The good RMA conditions GAIA provides are listed as below:

All products from GAIA are guaranteed by 1~2 Years standard warranty depend upon different
?@products line.

GAIA offers a wide range of the fastest ways for After-Service, and sincerely welcome your kind
?@inquiry for further details -

If you need more information about our service and support, contact us directly using the
?@information -

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